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On the 25th June 2015 the COBRA Committee held its first meeting in resposne to refugees and migrants attempting to enter Britain via Calais.


This latest response by COBRA RES binds together previously unpublished flash fiction short stories and texts made in direct response to the ‘Calais Crisis’ COBRA Committee meetings, and the overall crisis faced by hundreds and thousands of refugees currently moving towards and across Europe.


As a counter-narrative to the COBRA Committee, the stories and experimental texts assembled here do not offer sound bites or sermons. Instead, they present momentary tales amid the confusion and chaos that infest emergency events, writing out lost stories and loose notes on the border between fact and fiction


Texts By:Sharon Kivland, Marc Nash, Paul O’Kane, Claire Potter, Natalie Shaw

Mark Sheerin, Isabella Streffen, Samuel Thomson, Dragan Todorovic, Richard Wilson, Sarah Woods, Emma Bolland, Abigail Browne, Stephen Collis

Vincent Dachy, Shaun Dovaston, Dean Clayton Edwards, Marianne Edwards 

Will Gresson, Nicolas Hausdorf, Jade Amoli-Jackson, Hugh Jordan 


Editor: Theodore Price 

Designer: Theodore Price

Publisher: COBRA PRESS

Published: November 2015



On the 8th January 2015, the COBRA Committee convened over the attacks on Charlie Hebdo magazine and a Jewish supermarket in Paris. 


Following this meeting, COBRA RES invited a selection of artists to respond to the Committee, and/or the event and its context. This newspaper was produced to accompany the exhibition at 71a Gallery London.

Art works by:

Paul Antick

David Birkin

Karen Mirza & Brad Butler

Stepehn Forrest

Nikita Kadan

Theodore Price

Oliver Ressler

Michael Sanders


Editor: Theodore Price 

Designer: Theodore Price

Publisher: COBRA PRESS

Published: January 2015

COBRA 1.4-1.6 Card Games and book


In July and August 2014, the COBRA committee convened in Whitehall three times, within three weeks, over three separate events:. 


18th July 2014: shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine. (Chaired by Prime Minister David Cameron)


30th July 2014: continued outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. (Chaired by newly appointed Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond)


8th August 2014: ISIS forcing thousands to flee their homes and take refuge on Mount Sinjar, Iraq. (Chaired by newly appointed Defence Secretary Michel Fallon)


Texts by :Richard Barbrook, Roland Bleiker, David Campbell, Derek Gregory

Nicolas Hausdorf, Emma Hutchinson,Theodore Price, Strategic Optimism Football Club


Editors: Theodore Price and Nicolas Hausdorf

Designer: Alexander Gollier

Publisher: COBRA PRESS

Published: Ocober 2014 

COBRA 1.3 DVD and Book 


The winter of 2013-14 will be remembered by the worst storms to affect Britain since records began; homes damaged, lives lost and continual electrical black-outs leaving many without access to essential services. As images of flooded villages and submerged cars spilled across news networks around the globe, the British Government’s emergency response committee COBRA convened in Whitehall. Over the next three months COBRA would meet over thirty times, chaired by a number of different politicians. During this same period COBRA RES invited a selection of artists, filmmakers and writers to respond to the ‘emergency event’ or the existence of the COBRA committee itself. This publication and DVD, bring together those film and text based responses.


Films by: Nabil Ahmed & Daniel Shanken, Allison Ballard, Oliver Bancroft, Oliver Bancroft & James Connelly, Rose Butler, Adam Chodzko, Stephen Connolly, Stevie Deas, Theo Price, Margaret Dickinson, John Jordan, Samuel Stevens, Stina Wirfelt and The Wonderland Collective.


Texts by: Nina Power, Christopher Collier, Stephen Connolly, Nicolas Hausdorf, John Jordon & Isabelle Fremeaux, Theodore Price, Jenny Richards and Samuel Stevens


Editors: Theodore Price + Samuel Stevens

Designer: Alexander Gollier

Publisher: Pamphleteer Films

Published: March 2014


To purchase the DVD+ book please visit COBRA PRESS



COBRA 1.1 Book 


COBRA 1.1 publication was produced in response to the British Government's emergency committee COBRA which met following the killing of Lee Rigby, Woolwich, August 2013.


Contributors include: Steve Bell, kennardphillips, Adam Ferguson, Iain Boal, H+Corp, Jenny Richards, Samuel Stevens, Nima Esmailpour, Robert Malt, Frida Go, Barry Murphy, Richard Wilson, Philip Howe and Hugh Jordan.


Includes the essay:


'Making known: political platforms, competing narratives and dichotomous representations at the user face of ‘state’ and ‘terrorist’ in emergency politics' - Theo Price August 2013


Editor: Theodore Price

Designer:: Alexander Gollier

Publisher: COBRA PRESS

Published: October 2013


To purchase the book please visit COBRA PRESS



The Right to be forgotten

United Kingdom


Book detailing visual and written investigations into      e-democracy and notions of invisibility.


Author: Theo Price


Date: 2010


Published by Multistory Arts Organisation 






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